Saturday, August 17, 2019

Double Trouble?

Well what with other off road adventures and recovery time from the last trips, it's about time to plan some more trips. Back around the end of April we heard that Geoff's sister and her husband were going to be traveling west in the fall headed to visit a son in California.

We had already been talking about going to the Mt Rushmore area since we had to scrub it from the first big trip after the rocks pounded the windshield (blogged about in "What Did I Say About Adventures?") so I embarked upon a fast email exchange with Leslie, Geoff's sister. 

The upshot was that we would meet them in Rapid City in the fall and we made reservations at the Rapid City KOA, not far from their hotel. Crazy Horse, Deadwood and Mt Rushmore By Night were added to the tentative plans.

By now we realized since it had been a while since we had Wolf out and about that it would be a good idea to do a shorter trip beforehand to find any wrinkles or problems. After some discussion we decided on a week in South Carolina and the serious planning began using pretty much the same process as blogged about in "Planning ..." written back in March 2018.

Two folders were set up, 'SC Trip' and 'SD Trip' ... at this point the SD Trip planning was well begun so we looked around for interesting locations to visit in South Carolina. We immediately settled on Patriots Point and Fort Sumter in the Charleston area, giving us our starting point for that trip. A few more points were found in South Carolina giving us a trip lasting about a week. We did decide to eliminate a stop at the BMW Zentrum Museum up in Greer as it was well out of the way of other interesting stops.

In the meantime, Geoffrey found some interesting museums in Cody, Wyoming, and some more emails with Leslie added Cody to both itineraries. From there Leslie and John will head on west and we will head back towards home hitting poor old Pea Ridge on the way.

I say "poor old Pea Ridge" as it keeps getting scrubbed from our itinerary <sigh>. First time was the first big trip when the damage to the windshield cut it out along with Mt Rushmore. Then it got trimmed from the second trip out west in 2017. Maybe we'll make it there this time?

With the itineraries in hand we loaded up our stuff including the Mountain House meals and Dixie cups blogged about in "Traveling On Our Stomachs" and the Keurig ... hmmm, looking back over my blogs I can't see where I ever mentioned our switch to the Keurig and pods although it shows in the shot of the breakfast bar area we created in the kitchen.

I had realized one day that Geoffrey was not always finishing the tea he made in the coffeemaker or was drinking more than he really wanted  just to finish it while I was pretty much not drinking anything hot because I only wanted one. This was true at home as well as on the road in Wolf.

Coincidentally, at the same time I was reading a series of books in which the characters were traveling in RV's and they used the Keurig pods ... hmmm. My (great?) brain seized on this and decided to try it out. We first got an inexpensive pod brewer at WalMart to try out the idea.

It was great, Geoff had as many or as few cups of tea as he wanted and I had peach tea or hot apple whenever I wanted. A win-win ... The inexpensive brewer now lives in Wolf for traveling use and a better one resides at our breakfast bar.

Checked, prepped, and loaded ... time to head out to South Carolina!

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