Saturday, September 1, 2018

Vroom ... vrooooom

Nibbling away on our Jelly Bellies we headed for Milwaukee and better roads finally! The Harley Davidson Museum isn't too far off the interstate and once we sorted out some parking confusion that was okay. Their parking arrangements don't really allow for Wolf style vehicles and it was extra tough because we arrived before some kind of event where they had extra spaces blocked off.

The distance we were parked made PoGoGo a necessity and was I glad because it was needed inside as well as the museum is two floors of extensive displays of Harley Davidson motorcycles from the earliest in 1903 onward. A couple of years ago we saw the Discovery channels 3 part series on "Harley and the Davidsons" which was fascinating and gave us incredible background for visiting the museum. The series was about the people ... the museum is more about the motorcycles.

And now I have distracted myself thoroughly and watched a bunch of the preview clips about the movie ... back to the museum where they have Harley-Davidson motorcycles for just about every year the company was in business and they include the delivery, sidecar, military ... about every model that existed.

I could put lots more up here but for sure I would miss somebody's favorite! I love how they put the model years (1939 and 1940 in the photo above) right on the front fender, not distracting to the model, yet clearly visible.

After a couple of hours trying to hide the drooling over the bikes (I bet we were not the only ones) we had dinner at the restaurant there, the Motor Bar and Restaurant which is quite good, especially for eats at a museum. As you can imagine there is a great store with all sorts of jackets, model cycles, ball caps and other hats. The main thing is, if you are anywhere near Milwaukee some day, be sure to visit here.

From here we headed north in the late afternoon to Oshkosh passing more windmills and a couple of old pitiful motels that were no where near where the exits were constructed when the interstate went in. Oshkosh was nice even at the brief glance we had of it while we found a place to stay which turned out to we the Kalbus Country Harbor in the nearby town of Black Wolf, right on Lake Winnebago. Below is the view out our windshield!