Friday, October 19, 2018

Geese, planes and stormy weather

When last I wrote, we had arrived in Oshkosh and settled in at Kalbus Country Harbor campground near the town of Black Wolf on Lake Winnebago. The camping sites here are minimal but the view of the lake is wonderful. After a quiet night's sleep we woke up and spotted a couple of families of Canadian geese hunting breakfast.

After our own breakfast we headed out for the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh. This museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of historic and experimental aircraft of all sorts. Operated by the Experimental Aircraft Association, it's absolutely huge! If you are the least bit interested in aircraft of all sorts, this is a must visit kind of place. Of course anyone who knows me knows this is absolutely NOT my cup of tea but anyone who knows Geoffrey understands why he can wander around here all day. This is one of the reasons we have an RV though. He can leave me behind in the RV to do as I please and take all the time he wants without worrying about me.

EAA has a huge parking area and we parked Wolf down in one corner and I settled in for a quiet day of reading and cleaning up our little home away from home while Geoff trudged off through the rainy day to ogle all the aircraft in the museum.

Being a small area, the inside of Wolf doesn't get too out of hand but it does sort of get messy around the edges. Besides some general tidying up though we had acquired a bunch of purplish stains on the floor and carpet a couple of days ago at the parking at the Studebaker museum which my regular readers would have spotted in "From Studebaker to Jelly Bellys!" Between there and here in Oshkosh we had made a stop at a WalMart and picked up some spray carpet cleaner so I was armed and ready. (A sidenote, the carpet cleaner did a great job) We also had parked intentionally by a trash can so I spent a nice quiet day alternating cleaning with doing nothing or reading.

By late afternoon, Geoff had his fill (temporarily anyway) of looking at old planes and we headed out for an early dinner at a place not far from EAA and which filled our 'not quite a rule' about eating at places that are NOT available around St Augustine. Friar Tucks was no only close by (which is a good thing when you are driving a big thing like Wolf) but also quiet and had a decent menu at decent prices.

Oshkosh is a really nice town and if we had buckets of money I would definitely consider having a summer place here and becoming a snowbird probably because I am not at all sure I would want Wisconsin winters.

After eating we headed back to our site on the lake arriving shortly before stormy weather. The lake was already roiled up and splashing on shore and we soon had wind and rain which didn't photograph well through the windows but no way was I gonna get out in that to try for a picture!