Saturday, August 17, 2019

Low Country

We must be getting a bit better at doing this as we headed out for South Carolina at about 7 AM as planned. We made the usual stops at rest areas and a Flying J fuel stop where we had a late breakfast at the attached Denny's.

Aside from a huge traffic slow down just before Savannah (for which we never did see a cause) we made it to South Carolina around eleven. Our first planned destination was the Charleston area.

We were accompanied on our journey of course by Wolfie (my favorite footrest) and Pilot  Monkey. Wolfie also catches the drips from the front air conditioning.


Charleston is in the 'Low Country' area in South Carolina which divides itself into four areas, the Low Country, the Pee Dee, the Midlands, and Upstate. Our plan was to stay in the Charleston area for three nights and then head for York County in the northern part of the Midlands for two nights. After that we would relocate a bit southeast to Lee County on the western edge of the Pee Dee. 
We arrived at the Mt Pleasant/Charleston KOA in the mid afternoon and ordered a rental car from Enterprise for first thing the next morning. With an awkward big motor home we do appreciate their delivery option! This KOA is very nice, a bit pricey but probably normal for a metropolitan area near big tourist attractions such as this one is.

We settled in and had a quiet evening with a simple Mountain House dinner and an early bedtime.

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