Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alternative mobility ... getting from here to yonder

Well, the next installment was going to be about navigation and my love/hate affair with parts of that but it has been interrupted by a digression into alternative mobility. Due to arthritis myself and Geoffrey’s being smooshed by a Sebring last year, we both have some problems with getting around a lot. Since there are museums and such on our schedule that won’t let us park Timmber Wolf right at the door and inside are somewhat endless, often with limited seating opportunities, it behooved us to think outside the box a little.
The whole thing started when we found a Pride GoGo EliteTraveler mobility scooter used and on sale and snatched it up. With four wheels it is more stable than the three wheel version and is both relatively lightweight and comes apart for storage. The battery is easily brought inside for charging and protection from the weather.

Of course we quickly decided that although it would fit in the compartments underneath the coach, commonly referred to as the basement, it had to be taken all the way apart and was somewhat awkward sooo … of course we opted for the tow hitch carrier where we can just hoist it up on to the carrier and take just the battery inside. Of course that necessitates a weather cover and I just had to get a back of the seat backpack and a tiller cover (that’s the steering part) in case it rained while I was out joy riding! Like Topsy … it just growed!

For those of you who already know Geoffrey this next bit may come as a bit of a surprise … he rather suddenly announced to me that he thought he ought to have a folding bicycle so he could ride from Timmber Wolf in the back of beyond RV parking to the museum or from the camp site to the offices or where ever he chose to go. Mind you, he has not ridden any bike for over 40 years … 'tis a wonder what retirement, RV travel and perhaps a serious car wreck will do to a fellow!

The bicycle should fit on the carrier with PoGoGo (yeah, the scooter acquired a name) but then it also needed a serious weather cover … and a bicycle lock … and a helmet for Geoffrey which he practices wearing. He is quickly becoming unrecognizable with the fanny pack and all!!! It’s three and a half weeks until we get out of here still but we are having all kinds of fun getting ready!!!

Now if we can just get Timmber back from the RV dealer where it is STILL waiting on various repaitrs so we can put all this stuff in and on it ... PoGoGo is residing in the back of my Subaru and the bicycle takes up part of the garage with asorted covers etc here and there along with other stuff awaiting Timmber's return.


  1. Wow! Such exciting news! I think PoGoGo has a cousin in our garage. It is so much fun reading your posts.

  2. Looking for a used one is actually all Scott's fault! We got it for $400 out the door, not quite as good as he did but reasonable. I'm glad you enjoy the posts, I'm having fun writing them!

  3. Wow! So are you going to trade using PoGoGo in museums, or will Geoff fit on the handlebars? Love the blog. I wish everyone would read the blog and comment so we can talk to each other, too. Go Holly and Geoff!

  4. Geoff can walk around and stand better than I can especially if he doesn't have to trudge across the parking lot. Slowly but surely I think people may comment more. At keats I am making some kind of record of our adventures even if no one is reading them!